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SE Radio 66: Gary McGraw on Security

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Guest(s): Gary McGraw
Host(s): Michael
This episode features an interview with the software security expert Gary McGraw. Gary explains why this topic is so important and gives several security deficiencies examples that he found in the past. The second half of the interview is about his latest book ‘Exploiting Online Games’ where he explains how online games are hacked and why this is relevant to everybody, not only gamers in their ‘First Life’.

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  • This episode seemed to fly past because I found the content and the speaker so interesting.

    One thing I would have liked to hear more about is Gary’s views on the ethics of effectively publishing “how-to” info on hacking. There are arguments both ways, of course.

  • This episode with Gary McGraw was pretty bad. I think this is the worst I have heard on the podcast.He was plugging his books and patting his ego at every corner.He did not put any effort into explaining things for anyone who is past 4th grade.

    Please don’t bring Gary McGraw back.

  • Software Security is must , I like Gary’s Interview and want to be expert in the Security field , because I am doing MS (software Technology) from Q.U.E.S.T Nawabshah , and presently my subject is Software Security Management which depends on his book.

    I like his point of view. Thanks to , nice work keep going …

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