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SE Radio 55: Refactoring Pt. 2

Host(s): Martin and Eberhard
In the first episode on Refactoring we talked about the basic ideas behind refactoring and some base principles why refactoring is a key part of software engineering. Now we move on to more complicated refactorings and discuss three major situations, their problems and possible solutions: advanced refactorings in large projects that can hardly be finished in a few minutes or hours and refactoring in larger teams. Also covered are the refactoring of published APIs and how merciless refactoring could be aligned with backward compatibility of published APIs, and refactorings that affect more than just code like for example database schemas.

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  • I just found this podcast a few days ago and really enjoyed the first few episodes I listened to. That said, I think it’s slightly confusing that episode 55 “Refactoring Pt. 2” appears in the agile section while episode 46 “Refactoring Pt. 1” does not. Also (and completely unrelated), if you click on “add comment” for Episode 55 from the agile section, you get a “Page not found” while clicking on “add comment” from the complete list with all episodes works just fine.

    Besides that, thumbs up for se-radio and keep up the good work!

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