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SE Radio 16: MDSD Pt. 3, Hands-On

Hosts: Markus and Arno
This episode provides a hands-on guided tour through a simple model-driven software project. It is based on an actual code sample (see link below) and takes a look at the typical steps of real-life code generation: prototypical implementation, defining the metamodel, reading a model into a metamodel instance, writing templates and validating the model. The example for the episode uses openArchitectureWare as a generator environment, but the overall approach is tool independent. This episode is the first in a new category “code/technology” that discusses technical concepts based on actual code. Please give feedback whether you find this format useful or not.

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  • I recently discovered this fine podcast and now I’m working through the se-radio backlog – and enjoying it. In this episode, you explicitly begged for feedback and I choose to ignore the fact that it is nearly two years old. Well, however, I really liked that epsiode very much. I had no MDSD experience whatsoever before (except listening to episodes MDSD pt. 1 and pt. 2 before) and it was a nice tutorial. I wasn’t able to look at the code while listening but was able to follow most of the time (70-80 percent, I’d say, the end was a bit confusing) – so, yes, IMHO episodes like this do make sense. It was encouraging to have a look at this MDSD thingy and play around with it a bit. Did you continue to do such code level episodes, after all?


  • I liked this podcast and I could follow it even without looking at the code – though I had looked at the demos on the oAW website before listening to it.

  • Hey guys. Excellent work with the se-radio podcast! Episode 16 appears to be missing from the RSS feed.

  • Yes you’re right, I also can’t remember listening to this episode despite having subscribed to the iTunes feed. One question for the team though: could you please update the episode’s instructions to take into account openArchitectureWare’s migration to an `official’ Eclipse project?

    Thanks and congratulations for an excellent show.

    David Lindelöf, PhD

    E) [email protected]
    P) +41 (0)79 4156641

  • I can only add to what the others said before:
    This was a really nice episode on MDSD. I had no prior experience, but I think I really got a good sense of what MDSD is and why it might be really useful.

    Two improvements:
    – the link to the statemachine sample is dead, please repost it somewhere
    – I would generally appreciate if you did a se-radio screencast instead of just a podcast
    SE is such a complex field of work, that voice alone might not be a sufficient medium to
    discuss it. I would love to se a vidcast like the one from

    Anyway: Keep going with se-radio. It is really a good helper to get into new topics!!!

    kind regards

  • The source zip file and the example documentation hyperlinks are no longer on Would you please fix them? Thanks so much.

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