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SE Radio 388: Bob Kepford on Decoupled Content Management Systems

Bob Kepford of Mediacurrent discusses Decoupled Content Management Systems. From their inception, content management systems (CMS) have been built in a monolithic fashion. Lately, however, some CMS practitioners have begun migrating to a decoupled approach. As with any change in approach, there are trade-offs to consider, and a decoupled CMS is not a solution for every use case. However, this approach can help in some situations to improve scale, allow for more specialized team member roles, and to separate data collection from data delivery.  In this episode, host Jeff Doolittle spoke with Kepford about what distinguishes a decoupled CMS from a typical, monolithic CMS, what projects and tools are part of the ecosystem, and the trade-offs to consider when choosing an approach to content management.

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  • I’d suggest decoupled or distributed systems is usually more of a people problem than a tech one. Monoliths are far easier to reason about and work with until a certain people scale

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