John Crain

SE Radio 343: John Crain on Ethereum and Smart Contracts

John Crain, founder of Pixura, discusses some applications of the blockchain technology: Ethereum, smart contracts, solidity, and their application to rare collectible assets. Kishore Bhatia spoke with Crain about: a perspective on how blockchain, distributed computing and cryptographic proof of work have evolved towards a decentralized computing and execution model with Ethereum, drivers for this computing paradigm; benefits, implications and challenges for developers; decentralized application architecture with smart contracts on Ethereum; development frameworks and tools; testing, debugging and operations; learning from John’s experience launching his own product Pixura on Ethereum main net.

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  • John Crain’s “low-level” machine explanation of the Ethereum network was poorly delivered. Lots of awkward pauses and redundant explanations. I don’t think he is suited to discuss some of these highly technical topics at the level other engineers might be able to.

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