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Kim CarterWe’re pleased to welcome Kim Carter to the SE radio team. Kim is a technologist / engineer, information security professional, entrepreneur, and the founder of BinaryMist. He has 15 years’ commercial experience in architecture, development, engineering, and testing of both small and large-scale software and networks. He also has considerable experience in security assessments and penetration testing. Carter is a Certified Scrum Master and has helped many organizations realize the benefits of using scrum and the other techniques he’s found effective in lifting both quality and productivity. Organizer of two information security conferences (OWASP NZ Day and Christchurch Hacker Con), international trainer, speaker, published author, and Software Engineering Radio podcast host, he focuses on software and network architecture, Web development and engineering, and information security. Kim is also a regular blog poster at His first SE Radio interview was Episode 287 – Success Skills for Architects with Neil Ford.

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