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marcus-blankeship-100x125Software Engineering Radio welcomes Marcus Blankenship to the team. Marcus is a management consultant, trainer, and executive coach for software managers and leaders. After working in enterprise for 14 years and owning two companies, he now helps engineering managers become better leaders. You can learn more about Marcus at his web site. His first episode was #275: Josh Doody on Salary Negotiation for Software Engineers.


felienne-100x125We also welcome Felienne to the SE Radio team. An assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, Felienne works to make software engineering applicable to a broad audience. To that end, she has built an IDE for spreadsheets: smell detection, refactoring, and unit testing tools for Excel, as well as code smells and clone detection in the Scratch programming language for kids. Felienne is a founder of Joy of Coding, a one-day developer conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, celebrating the love of programming. Her first episode was #274: Sam Aaron on Sonic Pi



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