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SE Radio - icon Episode 30

SE Radio 30: Architecture Pt.3

In this third Episode on software architecture, Michael and Markus talk about the basic tools that an architect uses when architecting systems. These tools include things like separation, abstraction, compression and sharing. We also relate these...

SE Radio Episode 29

SE Radio 29: Concurrency Pt.3

The third part of our concurrency series by Michael and Alexander discusses how to build highly scalable servers. The discussion focusses especially on event-driven servers. As possible solution patterns a reactor-based design is suggested along...

SE Radio Episode 28

SE Radio 28: Type Systems

In recent episodes we have discusses statically and dynamically typed languages and domain specific languages - topics that are much talked about in the community at the moment. In this episode we look at the foundation of programming languages :...

SE Radio Episode 25

SE Radio 25: Architecture Pt. 2

In this Episode, Michael and Markus continue the discussion about the fundamentals of software architecture (we're doing it without Alex, because it is really hard to find a suitable time for all of us on the phone :-)). We talk about the various...

SE Radio Episode 23

SE Radio 23: Architecture Pt. 1

This is the first of a series of Episodes on Software Architecture. Alex, Michael and Markus talk about rather fundamental topics in this episode, we'll go into much more detail in subsequent episodes in that series. Topics in this episode include:...