Guy Steele Episode 36

SE Radio 36: Interview Guy Steele

This episode is an interview with Guy L. Steele Jr.. Guy is a Sun Fellow and heads the Programming Language Research Group within Sun, and a generally well known "programming language guy" (see here for details). We briefly talk about Lisp and the...

SE Radio Episode 29

SE Radio 29: Concurrency Pt.3

The third part of our concurrency series by Michael and Alexander discusses how to build highly scalable servers. The discussion focusses especially on event-driven servers. As possible solution patterns a reactor-based design is suggested along...

SE Radio - icon Episode 19

SE Radio 19: Concurrency Pt. 2

In this second part of our concurrency series Michael and Alexander talk about basic patterns for concurrent programming, such as Active and Monitor Object, Scoped Locking and Futures. Further, they discuss some architectural considerations...

SE Radio - icon Episode 12

SE Radio 12: Concurrency Pt. 1

This is the first part of a series of Concurrency episodes. In this part Alex and Michael motivate and introduce the topic. We explain fundamental terms, such as thread, process, or mutex and dicuss typical challenges, such as deadlocks and race...